Cards For Sale

Greeting cards are a great addition to any gift
Greeting cards are a great addition to any gift


If you are interested in purchasing any of the following items, please contact me by emailing me on noemie[AT] All you need is the name I have given to the card[s] you wish to purchase.

I have named all my cards using mythological names, mostly trying to get a name with a meaning that has something to do with the subject (meaning and what country the myth comes from are in brackets under the photo).

ALL GREETING CARDS ARE  $7 each or 3 cards for $18

GREETING CARDS Specifications:
– 13.3×18.5 cm envelopes
– comes with white textured envelopes
– cards are printed in Australia from my original artworks
– blank cards


Aruna (meaning
Aruna (meaning “reddish brown” – Hinduism)
Conor (meaning
Conor (meaning “dog lover” or “wolf lover” – Gaelic) ON SALE $5
Helse (meaning
Helse (meaning “Youth” – Greek)
Erota (meaning
Erota (meaning “lovely” – Greek)
Fergus (meaning “man of vigour” – Irish& Scottish)
Fergus (meaning ... ) watercolour
Fergus watercolour (meaning “man of vigour” – Irish&Scottish)
Fergus running
Running Fergus


Freya (meaning
Freya (meaning “lady” – Norse)


Alvis (meaning
Alvis (meaning “all wise” – Norse)
Amathea (meaning
Amathea (meaning “to soften, to sooth” – Greek)
Nanabozho (meaning
Nanabozho (meaning “my rabbit” – Ojibre)

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